Note: You are viewing an archive of the first iteration of this course, offered Spring 2009 by Natalie Harrower and John Lazarus. For current Queen’s Drama courses, please see Courses Offered

This course is about Shakespeare on Film i.e., how Shakespeare’s works have inspired a range of films or moments in film — as much as it is about Film on Shakespeare, i.e., what the medium of film does with Shakespeare’s impressive oeuvre. Over the course of the semester, we’ll explore how the medium of film treats Shakespeare’s plays and Shakespeare’s legacy, and we’ll also study how the films are constructed, in an effort to understand what film, as a distinct art form, adds to our understanding of Shakespeare’s plays.




  • Broaden their knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Broaden their knowledge of films that treat Shakespeare’s plays
  • Employ analytical, theoretical, historical, and stylistic forms of analysis
  • Build on their vocabulary for discussing drama, theatre, and film
  • Deepen their understanding of film genres and approaches to film style
  • Learn about practical and theoretical issues in adaptation
  • Improve skills in writing, critical analysis, and ways of seeing.